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I’m pleased to announce I have just completed GTI Covid -19 prevention and control course. I will be commencing my home tanning services from July the 4th 2020. I have the following procedures in place to ensure a safe tanning experience for us all.

Step 1

Prior to my arrival please apply a plain, oil free moisturiser, sparingly to your feet, heels, knees, elbows, wrists and hands. If you do not have, don’t worry I’ll decant safely onto your hands for you to disperse over the areas.

Step 2

Upon arrival I will be wearing a protective mask and latex gloves. My kit will be sanitised prior to each visit.

Step 3

I will set up in the space allocated in your home, while you wait in another room.

Step 4

Your spray tan experience will take 10 minutes or under. To save valuable time I advise all clients to dry their tanned skin with their own hairdryer after I leave.

Step 5

I will clean away excess spray from nails etc if required or dispense antibacterial wipes.

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